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Material guide

Posted on October 08 2016

Material guide

PVC (polyvinyl chloride, soft PVC, jelly) PVC is a synthetic material available in soft and firm form. By adding softening agents, its consistency can be easily adjusted. PVC is the right solution for the production of a great variety of products, such as bouncy balls, shower curtains, dildos or love dolls. The main advantages: · Excellent elasticity and consistency · Resistance to alcohol and oil · Quickly adapts to body temperature

PU (-coating) (polyurethane) The synthetically produced polyurethanes can be either hard and brittle, or smooth and elastic. In its foamed form it is also known as foam rubber. Polyurethane is a major ingredient of mattresses, soles (for shoes), textiles and (latex free) condoms. As a coating for ABS love toys, the PU coating offers the smooth and silky character. The main advantages: · Odorless · Without softening agents (phthalates) · UV-resistance · Skin compatibility · Quickly adapts to body temperature