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Fiore Hosiery

Fishnet Tights Myrna

€9.95 EUR

Fishnets are forever coming back into fashion, but wider nets, like these Fiore Myrna tights, are slightly more unusual. They can be worn on their own or worn over a pair of coloured opaque for a particularly eye-catching look - matching the opaque colour to your outfit and then adding a bit of extra sexy spice with the net. 40 Denier Tights

Available Sizes: Small, Medium and Large

Collection: Fiore Sensual Hosiery.

Made in Poland by Fiore hosiery


Size Chart
Size Weight Height Hips
2-S 55-70kg • 121-154lbs 154-164cm • 5'0"-5'4" 96-108cm • 38-42"
3-M 60-85kg • 132-187lbs 164-170cm • 5'4"-5'7" 100-120cm • 39-47"
4-L 75-90kg • 165-198lbs 170-176cm • 5'7"-5'8" 112-124cm • 44-48"
5-XL 85-100kg • 187-220lbs 170-180cm • 5'7"-5'9" 120-132cm • 47-52"
6-XXL 95-120kg • 209-264lbs 170-184cm • 5'7"-6'0" 130-150cm • 51-59"

Collection: Fiore Sensual .

Material Content:  18% elastane, 2% polypropylene and 80% nylon