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Fiore Love Affair

In the Love Affair SS ’20 collection inspired by the film ‘9 ½ Weeks’, Fiore have created selection of models, which is both in-keeping with the latest trends and brings back 1980’s styles.
In the first, Valentine’s Day, edition, we present patterns which were hot back in the 1980’s – hearts and lips. Both in blood red and a more delicate, subtle black.
They have also created a selection of more classic motifs: polka dots in an array of colours (including neon!), a contrasting hounds-tooth – very hot this season, snakeskin prints, and metallic motifs just above the ankle, which bring to mind simple, linear tattoos.
They also have sock, straight from the crazy 1980’s – bringing back the flavours, colours and lights of the era. Fanciful and colourful! As well as black-and-white stripped knee socks.
This spring, we decided to be literal and focused on the feelings, associations and references that guided us. We are faithful both to detail and the overall atmosphere of the ‘9 ½ Weeks’ story. Make yourself comfortable in it and join us for the premiere of our spring collection!

Love affair hosiery collection by Fiore hosiery

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