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Impudique French Lingerie

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The Fashion house of CATANZARO is constantly evolving and expanding with the arrival of a new Brand "IMPUDIQUE"  created under the artistic direction of Charlotte Catanzaro, daughter of the renowned French designer Patrice Catanzaro, in collaboration with Marielle Giaccobbé, designer and chief stylist of the fashion house for the past 10 years.


IMPUDIQUE highlights the similarities and the differences between father and daughter, the combination of experience, skill and ability collectively acquired through many years of hard work, with the finishing touch of the personal signature of the young designer.

IMPUDIQUE is a style of clothing and lingerie designed for the self-made modern women with strength and passion.


Just like the house of Catanzaro, IMPUDIQUE is an 'avant-garde' brand, aimed to give a seamless transition between the past and the future.

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